General Information on the Company

SAGA is a reliable system integrator that takes special care of its customers. We are experts in all spheres of professional mobile communications and their effective application.

The company offers a whole range of services necessary for creating wireless segments of corporate communication infrastructures for voice and data transmission, from the client’s requirements qualification and technical enquiry drafting, to preparation of project documents, regulatory support, equipment delivery, installation, adjustment and commissioning, to system support and advancing.

Over the last 14 years, SAGA has developed and delivered professional mobile communication systems for companies in transportation, and in the fuel and energy, metallurgical and mining industries in Russia.

SAGA possesses all necessary approvals for integration of professional mobile communication systems according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The company has many years of experience in co-operating with leading world-class manufacturers of telecommunication systems and equipment.

SAGA is acknowledged as the best Russian distributor of MOTOROLA products based on sales volume over the past decade.

In addition, the company actively works with a number of other manufacturers of professional mobile communication system and equipment, including Rohde&Schwarz BMF, ZETRON, and Telewave.

SAGA is currently represented by permanent partners in all the key regions of the Russian Federation, which allows it to provide swift support and service previous deployments and to simultaneously realize new projects.


SAGA has a long history of thriving project realization in the area of industrial radio service, including digital TETRA-based systems. Lasting recent years our company has successfully implemented more than 50 projects of trunking communications based on TETRA, MPT1327, APCO25 standards and Zetron control units.

As illustrations of mobile communication systems designed and delivered according to individual client requirements, we can mention completed projects for Rosneft, Lukoil, Sakhalin-1, TNK, the Caspian pipeline consortium, NLMK, the Metchel group, RUSAL, the St. Petersburg sea port, Severstal, the Bureya hydro-electric power station, and many other effectively finished projects.

Company potential

SAGA commands a high sci-tech potential and has all the necessary personnel resources and logistical support to realize complex projects in the area of mobile radio communication systems.

The company possesses sufficient modern technological tools for designing and testing, installation and commissioning, servicing and maintenance, including warranty and post warranty repairs of supplied equipment.

SAGA pays special attention to the qualification level of its professionals, who undergo annual training in Russia and in the foreign premises of manufacturers such as Motorola, Rohde&Schwarz, and Zetron. SAGA also conducts training for the personnel of its customers and regional partners to improve qualifications and successfully realize common projects.

Long-standing experience and professionalism allow us to effectively fulfill projects based on the world leaders equipment and to create our own solutions. An evident example of achievements is the SAGANET trunking system on the basis of Zetron controllers, launched in 1999 with a Ministry of Communications certificate for 160, 300 and 400 MHz bands.

SAGA Today: Solution Selling – a Systematic Approach

We can now state with certainty that the companys aspiration to become a reliable and effective system integrator, and to be expert in all aspects of professional mobile communication systems and their effective use, is entirely fulfilled. Today SAGA offers a whole spectrum of services necessary for creating PMC solutions, from qualifying its customer requirements and engineering to equipment delivery and commissioning to management and development of supplied systems.

SAGAs working standards fully comply with the requirements of leading world manufacturers and major customers, as is repeatedly attested to by many companies including Motorola, Shell, Exxon Mobil, CPC, General Dynamics, Rohde&Schwarz, and Zetron.