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19 July 2018

The updated version of SmartPTT patch 9.3.1. was released by the companies "Elcom+" and "Saga". The updates include GPS Batching, Baidu maps support, audio files export from Event Log and various technical fixes.

For release 9.3.1, the GPS Tracking features are strongly enhanced to eliminate the issues of subscribers’ locations being unknown outside the radio coverage zone by integrating dispatch software of Radius –IP and Tallysman® TW250 software APP by MOTOTRBO™.

The option board MOTOTRBO logs location coordinates to its internal memory, which is large enough to store coordinates received for several days. When the subscriber reenters the RF coverage and registers in the radio network, Radius-IP requests all the missed coordinates and adds them to its database. After that the subscriber locations and tracks are being updated. The GPS Batching solution provides more detailed tracking of subscriber movements inside the radio network due to the ability to adjust the level of detail.

Thus, in the new release, the dispatcher receives comprehensive detailed information about the movement of radio subscribers inside and outside the radio network. The solution is quite simple, and requires minimum configuration from engineers, providing great benefits for businesses.

About Talisman: Tallysman is a developer, provider, and manufacturer of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) antennas and related products as well as GPS Fleet Management solutions for digital two-way radio systems. Headquartered in Ottawa Canada, Tallysman is focused on high function, high quality wireless technology and solutions at competitive prices.

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