SAGA Telecom offers a whole range of services in the area of creating mobile trunking communication systems, including:

  • Pre-design survey;
  • Engineering;
  • Consulting services on frequency licensing;
  • Installation works and commissioning;
  • Customer personnel training;
  • Warranty and post-warranty support.

Pre-design survey

The pre-design survey is the first phase of creating or upgrading any communication infrastructure.

It includes:

  • Defining the task on the basis of requirement specification and customer work technology analysis;
  • Evaluating the state of the current communication infrastructure;
  • Studying alternative solutions with respect to current limitations in regulatory, budget and timeframe areas.

The pre-design survey pertains to the pre-investment phase of a project. It includes economic assessment, expediency consideration, and choosing the most effective method of implementation. Depending of the project’s scale, survey results can be presented in different forms – concept, system project, or policy brief.


Engineering is an essential part of creating any communication infrastructure element, including radio communication systems. During this phase the following tasks are carried out:

  • Detailed elaboration of the approved engineering solution;
  • Development of a working draft containing description, estimates, and engineering documentation for the chosen technological solution.

Consulting Services on Radiofrequency License Execution

Unfortunately, licensing of radio frequencies in the Russian Federation still remains a real challenge for customers. Creating any trunking communication system requires obtaining a whole set of approvals. This means that one must pass through the total cycle regardless of the presence or absence of current licenses for frequency use for other technologies or objects, different or even the same frequency bands, etc.

To facilitate the task SAGA offers consulting services for drawing up all necessary approvals:

  • GKRCh (State Committee for Radiofrequencies) decision on using frequency bands for building a TETRA-based communication system in a certain region;
  • Findings of GRChTs (FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) Main Radiofrequency Centre) on the possibility of lending necessary frequencies;
  • Permission from Rossvyazohrankultura (Federal Agency for Mass Media, Communications Surveillance and Social Heritage Protection) to use required frequencies;
  • and many others.

Consulting SAGA Telecom guarantees swift frequency licensing or getting prompt and qualified information, if this is not possible.

Installation Works and Commissioning

During the installation and commissioning phase of creating communication systems the following tasks are pursued:

  • Accompanying infrastructure preparation;
  • Equipment installation and commissioning;
  • Pilot operation.

After the pre-design survey, detailed engineering and construction are finished, SAGA is ready to accept all responsibility for the results. The company guarantees that the solution will match not only the project but also the original design specification for the communication system.

Personnel Training

Personnel training is a valid method to enhance the effectiveness of operating various communication systems including radio.

The content of an educational package depends on the initial qualification of exempt personnel and the level of task complexities when operating the equipment.

Curriculums are adapted to individual customers and can last from 2 days to 2 weeks. The classes are taught by practical engineers who themselves design studied systems and carry out construction and installation work. After such training, the students receive individual certificates. If necessary, the training can be organized under the guidance of equipment manufacturer representatives with consecutive student certification.

Technical support

Technical support is the final stage of creating any communication infrastructure including radio. It usually starts after the completion of pilot operation and continues during the equipments whole life cycle. This stage includes:

  • Defining system operation model;
  • Defining technical support model;
  • Organizing operational services in field;
  • Organizing technical support;
  • Development and upgrading planning.

SAGA Telecom has developed various technical support models which take into consideration system scales and complexities, local personnel qualification and customer requirements.

Motorola-certified service centre of the company offers high quality services for warranty and post-warranty technical support. Its specialists have access to databases at manufacturers technical centres and thus can swiftly solve problems of technical support, carry out troubleshooting, furnish customers with technical information and render assistance to them.